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Hi, friends! Welcome back :) Today was the first day of school with our whole class (we do a transition week for home visits, conferences, and half-class days prior to the first day), and I’d love to give you a tour of our newly renovated space, if you like. Our classroom was part of the first phase of a school renovation plan this summer, but was not exactly renovated for early childhood (our white boards and new Smartboard are 31″, not exactly child-friendly height), so my co-teachers and I did our best to make the room feel cozy, warm, and welcoming to 3- and 4-year-olds.

The photo above is looking over our dramatic play center. We got new kitchen furniture this year. I would love a more neutral rug for the space, but being in a Title I public school, we work with what we’ve got (for now :). The curtains are from Ikea, and since we cannot drill into our new walls, we mounted them with heavy-duty velcro (hand-sewed to the curtains in certain spots — the adhesive KILLED my sewing machine) adhered to the mini blinds.



Welcome to our table toys center (which is behind dramatic play). There is a cozy area to work on the carpet, as well as a table space. The frames on the windowsill hold family photos we took on home visits.

Click below for more!



Our blocks center doubles as our whole group space. After looking at this photo, I realized how busy it looked, and decided to use a clear letter sorter to organize the books on the right. The primary colored bins organize books we use for an activity called buddy reading in our curriculum. The books are organized by color, so the bins correspond directly, but looking at this photo, I wish they were a little more neutral :)

When we’re meeting whole group, we use trifolds (think science fair) covered in black felt over the shelves, which hold our calendar and schedule, and reduce temptation to play with blocks during stories. We have a space in the front corner to keep buildings in progress.



Our literacy center has a rocking chair, doll house and writing table. There is a shelf to the right of the table with more writing and creating materials, and books behind the rocking chair.



Welcome to our (empty) art center! This is my favorite space in the classroom, and I promise more photos as we fill the shelves with provocations. Already today, we added a cutting provocation (with scissors and paint strips) and clay (and fixed the curtain).

We have a water table and science center, which I will have to take better pictures of soon. Stay tuned for part 2, and I’d love to hear your thoughts or suggestions!


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