long weekend inspiration

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[They were so in awe of Bao Bao, the baby panda at the National Zoo]

I LOVE the snow, but I start to go pretty stir-crazy after more than 4 days at home. Last Wednesday, before our snow days, our class took a trip to Petco and the National Zoo, so I’m super excited for some provocations I have planned for the week ahead.  I’m hoping to spark a full-blown exploration into pets (and wild animals), with some interesting conversations about what makes a good pet, but we shall see what sparks the children’s interests :)

– Some panda inspiration via pinterest, in honor of Washington’s favorite panda cub, Bao Bao (oh, such great local context!): panda small world play and panda provocation

– I was lucky enough to visit School Within a School in DC a couple of weeks ago, and if you are inspired by the Reggio approach, you MUST check out their atelierista’s blog. The post about the winter solstice is awe-inspiring.

– I’m super excited to have just gotten a Donor’s Choose project funded, so we will be replacing our over-stimulating rug in dramatic play, finally! (Remember this?) PLUS, with a gift card I received from a friend, I was able to order a small order from Montessori Services, including a new practical life activity. The Education of Ours has some of my favorite Montessori practical life inspirations.

– Love this article about the importance of play on ASCD, and how Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post is highlighting the over-assessment of our kindergarteners in this column. (Also, Alfie Kohn’s concerns about Universal Pre-K).

Happy long weekend! Hope to have some exciting posts this week from new experiences and provocations in the Fishies’ room.


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