fine motor development

eye dropper art | via provocations and play

I get so much inspiration from other programs’ walls! When I went to the training by Julianne Wurm last weekend, I noticed so much great documentation on the hosting school’s walls, including one display focusing on finger strength, showing different opportunities for the children to develop these muscles. I loved this not only to make children’s learning visible for them, and to acknowledge the persistence that is often necessary for these tasks, but also to showcase the importance of fine motor development to our community.


Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 7.47.34 PM



I also loved this excerpt from Developmentally Appropriate Practice: “Teachers and parents sometimes push preschoolers in the technical skills of handwriting (e.g. forming letters with precision) before the children have sufficient fine motor development for such exactness. At this age, the focus should be not on children’s handwriting, but on their emergent writing – that is, their learning to express themselves; to use writing for various purposes; and to become familiar with letters and words, print conventions, and other aspects of written language (p. 164).”

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