sensory table: trucks and mud!


love sensory play, and I’d love to share with you my absolute favorite sensory table set up — coffee beans and chocolate play dough with construction trucks! Forgive the photo above; I moved the sensory table right next to the door to easily sweep up any messes, and I blurred our messy cubbies in the background… I double this recipe and made it gluten free (by substituting the flour with 3/4 cup corn starch and 3/4 cup rice flour). The good news is that the recipe is 100 percent edible if some kids taste it (because it smells delicious). I added coffee beans (because my kids are out of the tasting stage!) as “rocks,” and my students scoop the mud and rocks with the trucks. My classroom smells delicious, and I have a large group of obsessed construction workers. :)

This is also so easy to do at home, and is by far my go-to gift for toddler boys (I put all of the supplies in an under-bed storage container, remove the coffee beans if the child is still experimenting by putting things in her mouth).


hyacinth play dough


I had a debate last night over whether or not something could smell “beautiful.” I say it can, especially after making this hyacinth-scented play dough. I used this gluten free play dough recipe, and added neon pink food coloring and hyacinth-scented essential oil. I love this play dough recipe — the consistency is wonderful, and it’s super soft. I put it out with some skewers and floral foam as a provocation, but I let the kids explore as they wished.


Some made flowers [above], but this guy told me he made a water tower with pipes. How cool!  I see a future exploration for our water table :)