classroom tour


Hi, friends! Welcome back :) Today was the first day of school with our whole class (we do a transition week for home visits, conferences, and half-class days prior to the first day), and I’d love to give you a tour of our newly renovated space, if you like. Our classroom was part of the first phase of a school renovation plan this summer, but was not exactly renovated for early childhood (our white boards and new Smartboard are 31″, not exactly child-friendly height), so my co-teachers and I did our best to make the room feel cozy, warm, and welcoming to 3- and 4-year-olds.

The photo above is looking over our dramatic play center. We got new kitchen furniture this year. I would love a more neutral rug for the space, but being in a Title I public school, we work with what we’ve got (for now :). The curtains are from Ikea, and since we cannot drill into our new walls, we mounted them with heavy-duty velcro (hand-sewed to the curtains in certain spots — the adhesive KILLED my sewing machine) adhered to the mini blinds.



Welcome to our table toys center (which is behind dramatic play). There is a cozy area to work on the carpet, as well as a table space. The frames on the windowsill hold family photos we took on home visits.

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