painting in the snow

Sorry for the radio silence, friends (I’m trying to stop calling everybody that after reading It’s OK Not to Share last year, but it’s an old-ECE trait ingrained inside of me).  I’m co-teaching a new inclusion model this year (which has, for the most part, been amazing) and working on my work-life balance (which has not yet been as successful :) Can I make it up to you all with a wonderful, easy activity that brings the best of the season indoors?

photo 5

Our school has a “stay indoors if lower than 32” policy that makes me incredibly sad most days (and want to write a large grant for wellies, waterproof jackets, gloves, hats and scarves for all). But today, with the help of a huge parachute and snow and watercolors, it wasn’t so bad. I put neon watercolors and eye droppers out next to a sensory table full of snow.

photo 2

photo 1

“It looks like a rainbow”

“When I put it all right here, the snow goes down.”

photo 3

The kids decided to put the table outside when they were done to see if it would melt or stay the same (we knew it would melt indoors after a few readings of The Snowy Day), and it was still pretty snowy this afternoon, so we’ll see if this is a continued process tomorrow, or if it’s ran its course.