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After a parent workshop 2 weeks ago, we adorned the wall space outside of our classroom with representational drawings and paintings our families made for their children (as well as photos of them doing the activity). The kids were enthralled with the display, and ran to the provocation to make their own artwork, which we posted near their parents’.

Have you seen this Slate article about the importance of exploration (versus explicit instruction) in preschool?

I liked this post on a Montessori school’s blog about helping children deal with “mean” children.

Also love re-reading this older (but still so relevant) post about the effect of preschool model on later school success.

I’m in awe of her kindergarten project of wonder project.


first do no harm

“The results are clear: When at-risk children get inappropriate early education it has a lasting negative effect. Yet millions of young children in recent years have been subjected to schooling that demands too much too soon. We are not reducing the learning gap with such methods; we are intensifying the problems. It is time for educators and policymakers to adopt the rule that guides the medical community: First, do no harm.”

(referencing the effects of too much direct instruction, or teaching “from a book” with a correct answer in mind, from The HighScope Preschool Curriculum Comparison Study, p. 3)

Every adult needs to read this article. If you’re an ECE teacher, if you teach or work in an elementary school with early childhood classes, if your district has preschool classes, if you have a young child, just read it. Our kids deserve it.