Yesterday, we started to change our dramatic play center over from a cafeteria (which it had been in our pretend hospital) back into a home. I noticed some of the students in my art center today were really interested in mixing colors, and I had the spur-of-the-moment idea to create a quick brick sketch on a big piece of butcher paper and provide the students with red, black and white paint to mix for the different bricks. Since we live in D.C., most of us live in brick buildings. We’ll hang the finished product on the back of one of our shelves, to give the area the real illusion of one of our homes.

I plan to do it again next week to cover the back of another shelf that is facing that center.. After some reflection, I think I’ll make sure to provide photos of some of our homes (so they can really observe the different shades of red in the bricks), and some red paint chips to really emphasize the gradualness of the different shades.